15 Jul 22

FAQ - Call for Applications for Strategic Media Partners

Whether you are considering applying or just want to learn more about the call, you can find more information in the Q&A section below

  1. Can Departments of Journalism at a University apply for this Call?

Universities are not eligible as primary applicants. But, if a media outlet chooses to partner with the department of Journalism or any other institution, then the University can be a partner in this application, but not the applicant.


  1. I am a media content producer, but without a public channel/medium. Can I apply?

You cannot be a primary applicant for this Call. But, if one media outlet chooses to partner with your company, you can be a partner in this application, but not the applicant.


  1. Do we have to submit a budget while applying?

We are not asking for any budget to be submitted at this phase of application, as this will be requested after we pre-select the media we will be working on, and after we have conducted the needs assessment. Only then (by September) the media will be able to design a detailed working plan and a budget, together with our experts and mentors.


  1. Am I eligible to apply for equipment purchases?

Media outlets can both invest in product production and equipment purchase. But the budget will be prepared and submitted after the pre-selection and individual needs assessment.


  1. Is the partnership with other media partners in the Western Balkans Region obligatory?

A partnership with another media from the Western Balkans is not obligatory for this Application.


  1. Can I apply if I am beneficiary of another similar funding program?

Participation in other media support programs does not impact your eligibility for this application.

  1. Does the Business Idea have to be completely new, or can it be an existing one that needs development?

You can use the business idea you have already initiated and provide more information about it in Annex 1. After selection, there will be a needs assessment for each media outlet selected, based on which a detailed business action plan will be designed together with our experts (based on the idea you suggested or a different one).


  1. Do we need to translate the supporting documents and/or media articles into English?

Submitting the supporting documents in the original language is sufficient.


  1. What does the grant cover?

This will be determined after the selection, based on the evaluation and thorough needs assessment for each media outlet selected.


  1. Will there be a call for smaller media outlets?

Yes, our Program will have other granting schemes in the upcoming months that will target other organizations and smaller local media outlets rather than just large/consolidated media outlets.


  1. Is there any preset number of media outlets that will be selected per each country?

There is no quota per country for the selection of media outlets. Numbers will be determined based on the assessment of the eligibility and evaluation criteria per each application.


  1. The Call for proposals refers to grants as "capital investment". Should we expect a regular grant or in fact something along the lines of an investment? 

The chosen beneficiaries will receive grants.


  1. Can a non-for-profit media organization apply?

Non-for-profit media organizations can apply, as long as they have a public communication channel/medium where they produce and publish professional media and journalistic content.

  1. What is meant by relevance of audience in the Evaluation Criteria?

        Relevant audience and significant social impact: Substantial outreach; relevance for key target groups (vulnerable and underrepresented groups; specific geographies; specific topics of public interest, etc); influence on public discourse

        Track record of investigative and/or other in-depth reporting on issues of high public interest that have had an impact on the wider public.

  1. I am a small online media outlet. Can I apply?

We don’t exclude media outlets from application on the basis of their size. Smaller media outlets can apply. The decision for selection will be taken based on the assessment of all evaluation criteria.

The information you were looking for is not covered in the Q&A section? Please feel free to contact us anytime via wb6media@giz.de and we will come back to you as soon as possible.