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Get ready to discover your creative spark with the launch of our exciting live discussion series, Innovation Sparks!

Brace yourself for thought-provoking discussions, starting with our first episode, "From Inspiration to Implementation: AI and Innovative Formats," streaming on May 30 at 15:00 CET.

Innovation in media is our driving force, and we invite you to be part of the conversation. Discover why integrating AI and innovation into our workflows is essential as we explore best practice examples and hear firsthand from experts who have successfully brought new ideas to life.

We are thrilled to introduce our first esteemed guests: Marie Kilg, Innovation Manager at DW Lab (Germany), and Dejan Restak, Vibe CEO (Serbia). Together with Jakov I. Leon, DW Akademie’s host, they'll tackle the role of AI in media and how to find a balance between leveraging new technologies and safeguarding our creativity and editorial independence.

"AI is a transformative technology that has the potential to bring about power shifts on par with the internet. As media professionals, we need to actively participate in the change and help shape a future we want to live and work in," Marie shares her thoughts ahead of our digital hangout on Tuesday.

Dejan believes there's no other way than learning to use and implement new technologies. "Make AI your friend before it becomes your enemy," he says. "After all, it is better to work it out with AI rather than getting out of work by AI."

But that's not all! We're taking it further by inviting you to join our vibrant Viber community, exclusively focused on innovation and AI. As a member, you'll gain access to practical insights, real-world examples, and captivating discussions that will inspire and ignite your creativity.

This event is organized in the framework of the #SustainMedia Project, co-funded by the European Union and the German Government, implemented by GIZ, DW Akademie and Internews.

Its contents are the sole responsibility of GIZ / Internews / DW Akademie and do not necessarily reflect the views of the EU or the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development.

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